Men Shouldn't Sing CD cover

Men Shouldn't Sing - 2007

Orange Studio Ltd. - Digital - 50 min.
UPC - # 883629642499

Original Music Composed and conducted by Michael Bell
Acoustic Engineer: Steve Compton; Engineered by Reuben Bijl
Music Producer: Tom Rainey; Additional vocals by Naomi Ferguson
Orchestra recordings at Chisnallwood Intermediate School, Christchurch
Music mix at Orange Studio by Michael Bell

The Orchestra
Violins: Ben Morrison, Matthew Oswin, Kate Oswin, Annemiek Van Wely, Anita Smith, Jamie Duggan, Laura Greene, Cherry McCallum; Viola: Lindsay McLay, Kylie Nisbet, Maria Casey; Cello: Karen French, Alice Yang, David Stevenson, Alison Gordan; Double Bass: Tagan Grace, Lochlan Radford, Dalwyn MacKenzie; Flute: Tjasa Dykes, Tamara Smith, Cheryllyn Callender; Oboe: Peter Dykes, Jena Grace; Clarinet: Anna McGregor; Rowan Meade; Bass Clarinet, Baritone Sax: Cassie Kensworthy; Alto Sax: Gwyn Reynolds, Judith Bell; Tenor Sax: Reuben Derrick, Jeremy Harris; Bassoon: Helen Renaud, Pieta Hextall; French Horn: Megan Potter, Prang Rojanachotikul; Trumpet: Cameron Pearce, Iain McLachlan, Haley O'Neill, Greg Knowles; Trombone: Scott Taitoko, Jackson Hardaker, Aaron Chandler; Percussion: Brett Painter, Roanna Cooper; Timpani: Tom Williams; Drum Kit: Joseph McCallum; Piano: Tom Rainey; Organ: Hamish Oliver.
Post Production String Orchestra conducted by Judith Bell; Violins: Sarah Kiernan, Tomoco Suganuma, Salina Fisher, Natalie Jones, Lyndon Rogers, JungWook Lee; Viola: Lindsay McLay, Martin Qi; Cello: Karen French, Francis Edgerton-Till; Double Bass: Michael Bell.


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A Soundtrack Perspective by Michael Bell

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01 - Overture - 1:08
02 - Something's Wrong - 6:21
03 - Can't Stop Singing - 3:25
04 - Who's in Charge? - 4:42
05 - Hans' Lament - 2:11
06 - Dr. Phil - 1:04
07 - The Zombie Boogie - 2:05
08 - Love Street - 2:55
09 - Can't Say it Right Without a Song - 4:21
10 - Men Shouldn't Sing - 4:37
11 - Slightly Inappropriate Feelings - 6:02
12 - Men Shouldn't Sing Reprise - :29
13 - The Zombie Ballet - 1:03
14 - Endgame - 6:21
15 - Don't Call Me Mad - 2:57

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