Nate and Hayes CD cover

Nate and Hayes - 2010

La-La Land Records - Digital - 39:46 min.
UPC # 826924111628

Music Composed by Trevor Jones
CD Art Direction by: Mark Banning
Music Recordist by: John Richards
Liner Notes and Track Analysis: Jeff Bond
Executive Album Producers: MV Gerhard, Matt Verboys
Album Producer for La-La Land Records: Dan Goldwasser
Orchestrations by: Trevor Jones, Peter Knight, John Coleman
Track Analysis by Digitally Restored & Mastered by: Mike Matessino
Performed by the: London Symphony Orchestra, Conducted by Marcus Dods
Score composed for the 1983 Paramount film, Savage Island aka: Nate and Hayes.


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NOTE: Italicized track analysis notes are by Jeff Bond - editor of Geek Monthly Magazine

01. Main Theme (01:28) - Jones' overture theme for Nate and Hayes begins with pulsating low string rhythms that accelerate to lauch its bustling five note fanfare, a swashbuckling motif that alternates with a more consonant intervening treatment for rich mid-range strings. The theme drives the movie's sense of adventure and is distinctly piratical, but like the score as a whole, it also boasts a mellow romanticism that accentuates the film's friendship and love triangle elements - sometimes more effectively than the film does itself.
02. Escape from Muni Village/Hayes Fights Mumi Women on Bridge (03:06) - As Hayes and his men flee a trap in the midst of an Amazon-run Mumi village on a tropical island, Jones' music provides furious support with percussion, brass and strings hammering away at a propulsive rhythm while high strings and flutes slice in ascending/descending flourishes. Clacking percussion from bone-like instruments add a note of primitive danger while high strings add a more sweeping counterline to the action until a massive sting accompanies the Mumi leader downward as she plummets to her death from a rope bridge. Hayes' fanfare emerges from the chaos with a clean trumpet treatment, followed by more action rhythms before another huge orchestral crescendo accompanies his swing across the chasm below on the severed rope bridge. Jones announces the first appearance of the villain Pease with another sting as Hayes climbs to the top of the severed bridge only to be confronted by this nemesis.
03. Hayes' and Sophie's Pact/Sophie Disembarks/The Veranda at Night (02:25) - As Sophie approaches Captain Hayes with the idea of investing her father's money in his company, Jones accompanies the conversation with a warm treatment of his romantic theme for strings and atmosheric synths, followed by a more mellow horn reading to underscore Hayes' charitable response. Cellos and violas swell with the romantic melody as Sophie departs for shore and trembling strings and chimes join strings as Nathaniel and Sophie talk on a veranda the evening before their wedding.
04. The Rona Turns About/Pease Attacks Village (02:14) - Jones provides a slightly subdued take on his swashbuckling theme for Hayes as the pirate turns his ship back toward the island (this music was not used in the fil) - but his frenetic, bone-driven action music crashes quickly into play as Pease interrupts the wedding of Nathaniel and Sophie with his brutal, slave-taking attack on the village. Plucked strings doubled by electronics play over pulsing low strings to add an eerie tone to the aftermath of the attack.
05. Ruined Village (01:37) - Strings, harp and a mournful flute solo accompany Nathaniel as he wakes in the devastated village to find Sophie gone.
06. Nate Sails Off/Nate is Shipwrecked/The Rona Turns About (01:21) - Determined to find Hayes and Sophie, Nathaniel sails off on a catameran skiff, with harp and strings eventually joined by flute, woodwind and brass as his boat hits a raft to the tune of chopping trombones and strings. The last part of the cue, "The Rona Turns About," went unused in the film, but features a sweeping major/minor fragment of the Hayes theme.
07. Sophie Ransoms Omar/Arrival at Samoa (01:32) - Jones scores an unsuccessful attempt by Sophie to escape Pease with pulsating strings and sharp accents from brass and an eerie section for electronic keyboard before a segue to the Rona's arrival at the island of Samoa. Jones treats the ship's docking with one of the most romantic moments of the score, a gentle and exotic treatment of the heroic Hayes' theme for an expressive flute solo and a warm solo violin in a moment that recalls the exotic romanticism of Miklos Rozsa. A final burst of menacing brass indicates that their destination is less exotic than dangerous however, as Hayes sights Pease's ship the Leonora in the harbor.
08. German March (00:21) - As Captain Pease is greeted by the arrival of German Count Rittenberg, Jones supplies a brief piece of semi-satirical march music for the German naval officiers.
09. The Paring/Nate Stranded (02:12) - i>The Rona's crew sights the stranded Nate and Hayes orders him rescued, only to find himself on the receiving end of the reverend's fury when Williamson accuses Hayes of the attack on the island. Only a few bars of the cue survived the final cut of the picture, heard mostly over a sunset shot of the Rona at sea before Hayes travels below decks to discuss plans of rescuing Sophie with Nate. Jones' love theme plays in a rich arrangement for horns, string and harp, followed by a stirring romantic treatment of Hayes' fanfare for strings and fluttering woodwind. It may seem a strangely dewy arrangement for scenes involving two manly men at sea, but Jones' scoring accomplishes the task of keeping Jenny Seagrove's character at the forefront and in the minds of the viewers during long sequences when she is not on screen.
10. Pease Hastily Departs the Leonora/Nate Goes to the Auction House/Sophie's Escape Foiled by Omar (02:29) - A diabolical rhythm for Pease lurches as Pease discovers Hayes' arrival in Samoa and begins to plan his escape with Sophie. Jones' score pulsates with ascending/descending string lines, throbbing low strings and harps, creating an air of mystery and suspense similar to his work in the earlier 'Excalibur' as Nathaniel searches a Samoan auction house for Sophie.
11. Hayes and the Men Overpower Pease Crew/Chase to the Gunboat/The Stolen Leonora Sets Sail for Ponape (03:29) - When Hayes and his crew overpower the Leonora's crew, Pease escapes to the Germans' waiting gunboat. After some extended moments of suspenseful muted brass, harps and trembling strings, Jones' earlier action rhythms return as Pease rides a wagon loaded with gunpowder (and Sophie) to the shore and Count Rittenberg's waiting gunboat. Jones added shakers and additional brass layers to the chase music before Pease makes his escape, until Hayes' heroic fanfare accompanies the pirate hero's commandeering of the Leonora.
12. Gunboat Pursues the Leonora/Gunboat is Boarded (06:04) - An insistent, militaristic rhythm for strings and snare drums accompanies operations on the German gunboat as Pease and Rittenberg pursue the Leonora around a dangerous rock outcropping in one the the film's most elaborate action sequences. A jaunty horn theme and clanking, mechanistic accompaniment for piccolos and harp add a comic undertone to the gunboat's attempts to lock onto the Leonora. Unknown to the gunboat occupants, Nate and Hayes have abandoned the Leonora to clamber over the rocks and board the gunboat, and Hayes' heroic fanfare accompanies the boarding of the German ship, alternating with the implacable militaristic rhythms as Rittenberg haplessly attempts to route the invaders from his vessel.
13. Gunboat is Paralyzed (02:05) - With the gunboat's steering and sightlines jammed by the pirates, Rittenberg and Pease gradually realize their options are limited, and Jones presents a comically understated anthem to accompany their plight, ending in a low key brass statement of Hayes' fanfare.
14. Sword Fight/Escape from Prison (04:08) - Rittenberg and his men engage Nate and Hayes in a climactic sword fight on the decks of the Leonora, accompanied by Jones' action music and its Herrmann-like rattling percussion and dynamic brass hits. After the pirate team emerges victorious, Pease escapes to have Hayes captured and jailed, but in the film's finale, Nate and Sophie (disguised as a parson and num) intervene in his hanging for a daring escape, accompanied by Johns' warm and playful treatment of his primary theme.
15. End Credits (04:31) - Jones' heroic fanfare alternates with his lushly orchestrated love theme as the end titles roll, with additional counterpoint from strings, woodwinds and flutes hightening Jones' windswept, romantic conclusion to his score.

NOTE: Italicized track analysis notes are by Jeff Bond - editor of Geek Monthly Magazine

Nate and Hayes Extended CD cover

Nate and Hayes - 2018

Intrada Records - Digital - 95 min.
UPC # 720258541703

Music Composed and Produced by Trevor Jones
CD Art Direction by: Kay Marshall
Music Recordind Engineer: John Richards
Liner Notes and Track Analysis: Frank K. DeWald
Executive Album Producers: Douglass Fake and Roger Feigelson
Production Manager: Regina Fake
Orchestrations by: Trevor Jones, Peter Knight, John Coleman
DDP Mastering: Joe Tarantino
Performed by the: London Symphony Orchestra, Conducted by Marcus Dods
Score composed for the 1983 Paramount film, Savage Island aka: Nate and Hayes.

Trevor Jones' score for Nate and Hayes was previously issued in a solid but heavily truncated 40 minute album (see above) that presented only half the score. This Intrada 2-cd presentation offers all the music Jones recorde in London for the picture. A 20 page booklet is included within the 2-CD album that contains much useful information about the score.


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Disc 1

1. Opening Titles 5:17
2. Escape From Mumi Village Pt. 1 1:29
3. Escape From Mumi Village Pt. 2 1:22
4. Hayes Fights Mumi Women On Bridge 2:04
5. Hayes Captured 0:24
6. Hayes Commences His Story 0:40
7. Hayes' And Sophie's Pact 1:53
8. Sophie Disembarks 0:41
9. The Parting 1:46
10. The Veranda At Night 0:55
11. The Rona Turns About (Original) 0:30
12. Pease Attacks Village 4:00
13. Ruined Village 1:38
14. Nate Sails Off (Revised) 1:43
15. Hayes Returns To Mission Island 0:59
16. German March 0:21
17. Sophie’s Escape Foiled By Omar 1:15
18. Nate Stranded 0:57
19. Arrival At Samoa 1:37
20. Hayes & Crew Disembark At Samoa 2:00
21. Hotel Version 1 1:27
22. Hotel Version 2 1:25
23. Chase Through Hotel 2:07
24. Fong Kills Scotsman 2:30
25. Hayes And Men Overpower Pease Crew 2:12
26. Chase To The Gunboat 1:07
27. The Stolen Leonora Sets Sail For Ponape 0:35
28. Nate & Hayes Seal Their Friendship 1:17
29. Arrival At Ponape Palace 1:33
30. Nate & Hayes Arrive In Ponape 1:01
31. The Sacrifice 5:24
32. Escape From Ponape 1:50
33. Gunboat Pursues The Leonora 4:04
34. Leonora Waits In Ambush 2:05
35. Gunboat Is Boarded 2:00
36. Gunboat Is Paralyzed 2:01
37. Sword Fight 2:17
38. Pease Prepares To Fire On The Leonora 1:42
39. Victory 1:15
40. Walk To The Gallows 0:57
41. Escape From Prison 2:10
42. End Credits 4:30

TOTAL - 77 min.

Disc 2

1. Main Theme From Nate And Hayes (Overture) 1:28
2. Escape From Mumi Village (Film Edit) 1:28
3. The Rona Turns About (Alternate) 0:30
4. The Rona Turns About Revised (Film Version) 1:04
5. Ethnic Percussion 1 1:55
6. Ethnic Percussion 2 3:23
7. Ethnic Percussion 3 3:19
8. The Sacrifice (Alternate Percussion) 3:22

TOTAL 16:28 min.


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