Old Scores

A Review by Sam Edwards of the Waikato Times - 21 September 1991

"Move over God. Rugby rules, OK. (Union, that is). If Old Scores is a carefully devised publicity stunt for the rugby union World Cup then its timing and quality is superb, with some great dollops of nostalgia, aging but recognisable real jokers, and the best excuse for solid stoush on the field anyone has produced anywhere. It makes the game look attractive, being a spectator totally enjoyable, and being a rugby groupie or wife a role any red-blooded woman would go to battle for. The story is simple enough. Wales cheated in a rugby union test, and when this is discovered a couple of decades later, the two original teams - All Blacks and Welsh - ae reassembled to replay the game. The process of settling old scores goes on both on and off the field, hilariously hampered by the age and changed physical ccondition of the former star players. If it has been produced as a regular movie, then it is still pretty commendable. It zips along at pace, scarcely pausing for the occasional swerve to attack its rival, Rugby League, or highlight the ability of the Welsh to play the dirty game. It has some good jokes and the odd ironic but fond tilt at the game. Old Scores also contains some surprises, like the casting of the normally villainous John Bach as a Salvation Army officer - even though his 'rugby coach' Martyn Sanderson still manages to turn his movie character back into Mad Murray the Monster of Cardiff. And most surprising of all, even if you are not a follower of the national religion, you might just find this film more rewarding than you expected."

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