Vigil DVD

Vigil still

Vigil - 1984

John Maynard Productions - 89 min.
DVD UPC # 9322225021372, 9317731062100

Cast: Bill Kerr, Fiona Kay. Frank Whitten, Gordon Shields, Penelope Stewart.
Crew: Screenplay: Vincent Ward, Graham Tetle; Photography: Alun Bollinger; Editor: Simon Reece; Music: Jack Body; Producer: John Maynard; Director: Vincent Ward.

Toss, a solitary girl, living in an isolated mist and rain soaked rural valley (Mt. Messenger - northeastern Taranaki), whose reality is hardly less haunting than her fantasies. When Toss's father dies in an accident, Ethan, an itinerant hunter, wanders onto the family farm and is given a job by her grandfather. Toss's fairly innocent relationship with Ethan is severed when he forms a relationship with her mother. The young girl seems to mature quickly, with her fantasies growing increasingly malevolent. First New Zealand film selected to screen In Competition at Cannes. Put this on your "must see" list.

Censor Rating: PG - Review Rating: B

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New PAL VHS copies will cost about $30nz or 10# in the UK. New NTSC copies should be under $10us. R0 PAL DVDs are available from Australian sources for $25-30au. DVDs are available from NZ sources for about $25nz. The R2 version should be under 15#. The R0 dvd is presented 1.78:1 anamorphic with 2.0 dolby digital sound. The DVD also contains two early Ward short films: 'A State Of Siege'(49 min.) and ' In Spring One Plants Alone(43 min.)'; a gallery of 15 stills and trailers of Vigil, Navigator and What Dreams May Come. There are no subtitles.
In early 2009 a new "double feature", dual-layer, dvd was released containing The Navigator and Vigil plus Ward's short film 'A State of Siege'. This is an R0 PAL disc and usually sells for $25nz from various NZ sellers.

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"As a child growing up on a farm, you are alone for long periods of time. You invent imaginary worlds. Vigil is precisely that: the story of a solitary child who watches, fantasises and dreams. The fragments of reality she perceives are put together according to her own logic". - (Vincent Ward quoted from unknown source)

Vigil premiered in Cannes in 1984, as an official entry in the Cannes Film Festival competition, and had its cinema release in New Zealand in 1985.

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1986 - New Zealand Film Awards - Best Original Screenplay; Cinematography; Production Design.
1985 - Best Film, Imag Fic Festival - Spain
1984 - Voted Most Popular Film, Prades Film Festival - France.

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