Woodenhead CD cover

Woodenhead - 2003

Woodenhead Productions - 51 min.
All music, except as noted, - Marc Chesterman; All Lyrics, except as noted, - Florian Habicht.
Vocals - Mardi Potter and Steve Able, except for: Hugo's Song (track 19) - Warwick Broadhead; Hi De Hi De Ho (track 2) with music and lyrics - Killer Ray; Accordian #1 (track 12) and Accordian #2 (track 14) - Angel; Cello performed and composed - Edward Hanfling; Original Trumpet music - Richard Noble, recorded by Alan Mcivor. Nothing Sensible (track 16) lyrics and vocals - Mardi Potter; Hospice for Destitute Lovers (track 23) with music and lyrics - Steve Able, Recorded by Jeffrey Holdaway.
Vocals and guitar - Steve Able; Accordian and piano - Gareth Thomas; Drums - Mike Beehre; Violin - Li Ming Hu; Bass - Bevan Larsen; Additonal Mixing and Synth by Jeffrey Holdaway. Bass and Synth on Goerdel (track 4) - Paul Winstanley. Narrator's voice - Margaret-Mary Hollins; Radio Woodland announcer - Lutz Halbhubner; The Tramp Voice - Matthew Sunderland; The Ringmaster's Voice - Henry Lee; Plum's Vlice - Mardi Potter; Gert's Voice - Steve Able; Hugo's Voice - Warwick Broadhead; CD Artwork - Teresa Peters.

What is unique about the way in which Woodenhead was made is that Habicht recorded the entire soundtrack before he actually shot any of the film, something that is probably a world-first for any non-animated film. This has a striking effect ? the actors seem to perform independent of their voices. Voices will come on the soundtrack but the actors? mouths don?t move, just like a cheaply dubbed Italian or Japanese B movie. This has quite a weirdly disjunctive effect ? it is surely the cinematic equivalent of thought balloons in a comic strip panel. In the press notes for the film Habicht recounts a hysterically amusing anecdote about how he received the idea in a dream in which he saw two angels descend from Heaven that turned out to be Milli Vanilli (the infamous 1980s pop group who revealed they had had their voices dubbed) who told him that he must prerecord the voices for the film. More to the point it is also something that allows Habicht to cast one set of actors for the way they look and a different set of actors to provide the voices that are right for the part.
Reprinted, in part, from Richard Scheib's review at:


The original New Zealand issue of this cd was packaged in a re-cycled, imprinted cardboard jacket. - not a typical plastic "jewel case" and sold for about $25nz. However, as of February 2008, it would seem that this issue is no longer available. NOTE: If you buy the R1 ntsc dvd package in the U.S or Canada, it also contains the soundtrack CD.

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01. Lucky Star - 3:15
02. Hi De Hi De Ho - 3:17
03. Maidenwood - 2:36
04. Goerdel - 1:49
05. Princess Plum - 1:00
06. Drums and Bass - 2:06
07. Horoscrope Dance - 1:12
08. Tremolo - 1:43
09. Forest - 3:07
10. Trumpet Song - 3:00
11. Seduction - 1:58
12. Accordian-1 - :43
13. The Dirty Tramp - :25
14. Accordian-2 - 1:06
15. Woodland Dump - 3:42
16. Nothing Sensible - 1:19
17. Plum's Song - 3:18
18. Plum and Gert's Duet - 4:21
19. Hugo's Song - 3:16
20. Lucky Star - 1:28
21. The Luckiest Man - :48
22. The Ringmaster - 1:33
23. Hospice For Destitute Lovers - 4:19

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