Beyond the Edge

Beyond the Edge - 2013

General Film Corp. - 93 min.
DVD UPC # 9312590156106(AU/NZ); 030306939490(UK); 4006448763664(DE)030306939490(US)
Blu-ray 2D # 9312590156113(AU/NZ); 5055002559228(UK); 9397911451283(DE)
Blu-ray 3D # 4006448363178(DE)

Cast: Chad Moffitt, Sonam Sherpa, John Wraight, Joshua Rutter, Dan Musgrove, Erroll Shand, Phurenje Tshering, Jimmy Kunsang.
Crew: Writers: Matthew Metcalfe, Leanne Pooley; Director of Photography: Richard Bluck; Editor: Tim Woodhouse; Original Music: David Long; Production Designer: Grant Major; Costume Designer: Barbara Darragh; Makeup, Hair & Prosthetics Designer: Davina Lamont; Post Production Producer: Roger Grant; Producer: Matthew Metcalfe; Director: Leanne Pooley.

Archival color motion pictures and stills, the voices of the mountaineers, climbers and international experts, the newsreels , 3D recreations and Sir Edmund Hillary all have been assembled to provide a docu-drama film presenting the most accurate and complete story of the first time men who stood on the top of the world. As Sir Hillary said, "It's not the mountain we conquer - but ourselves". Filming locations include Aoraki/Mt. Cook National Park and Mt. Everest. Highly Recommended.

Censor Rating: G - Review Rating: B

Beyond the Edge
Official MP4 Trailer


Starting 05 March 2014, PAL R4 dvds and Region B Blu-ray copies can be purchased from New Zealand and Australian sources, selling for $25-35. The Blu-ray is presented 1080p in its original 1.85:1 (16:9) format with DTS Master HD 5.1 spoken English and optional English subtitles. Extras include - "Making of Beyond the Edge"(22 minutes), Cast and Crew Interviews (18+ minutes), B Roll from Mt. Cook (10+ minutes), all are presented in the 1.85:1 format, but video is 576i, not 1080p, and the English audio is DD 5.1. There also is a image gallery and the theatrical trailer, which are both 1080p. The DVD has the same extras and feature options as the Blu-ray, but in standard definition.

Starting 14 July 2014, both Region B Blu-ray and PAL R2 DVD versions became available from UK sources selling for about 20# and 10# respectively.
Starting 25 November 2014, an NTSC Region 1 version DVD became available in the US. It is selling in the $20-25us range.
Starting 09 January 2015, a Region A Blu-ray become available in Japan. It will have Japanese subtitles and will sell for about 3800yen.

Starting 30 January 2015, an R2 DVD and a Region B Blu-ray was released in Germany, selling for about 17 eur. The really good news is that the Blu-ray feature is offered in both 2D and 3D - the first 3D version on disc. There are both spoken English and spoken German DTS HD 5.1 soundtrack options with a German subtitle option. The Extras (in 2D) will be the same as the ones listed for other earlier releases. No confirmation as to language options for the extras, but I assume that it will be in English with German subtitles.

Recommended NZ Reseller - Aro Video of Wellington

Mighty Ape of Auckland

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I have a lightly used DVD PAL R4 original copy available for sale at $9us. Check out the DVD Sale Page


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