My Grandpa is a Vampire video

Grampire, aka: Moonrise, aka: My Grandpa is a Vampire - 1991

Moonrise Productions - 90 min.

Cast: Al Lewis, Justin Gocke, Milan Borich, Pat Evision, Noel Appleby.
Writer: Michele Heath; Photography: Kevin Hayward; Music: Jim Manzie, Pat Regan; Producer: Murray Newey; Director: David Blyth.

Young Lonny comes from America to visit his Auntie Leah (Evision) and Grandfather Cooger (Lewis). There is something magical about Cooger and when he dies, he doesn't stay dead for long. When Auntie Leah tells partner Ernie (Appleby) that Gramps is a vamp, Ernie want to stake him. Lonny and his friend Kanziora hide Cooger, but after awhile Cooger is forced to get assertive with Ernie, however he is quelled by Auntie Leah. Budget cuts hurt the needed special effects, and script weaknesses contributed to a less than ideal result. Some nice shots of Piha, but this one will probably mostly appeal to pre-teens and Al Lewis fans.

Censor Rating: PG - Review Rating: C

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This film is long OOP, therefore I have no recommendations for new vhs copies and it was never put on DVD, but you can see about a quarter of the film at NZonscreen (see link below).
Your best bets for locating used vhs copies are Amazon and ebay

If you reside in New Zealand, you can rent it from Aro Video, who will ship countrywide.


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"This extremely original story is compulsive viewing from beginning to end. At first, the viewer doesn't know whether the old man is a vampire or not, but, like the two boys, the audience soon realises that there is nothing scary about this particular vampire. Director David Blyth even states that films always give vampires a bad image; but then, films are not real, whereas dreams are. In a remarkable blend of horror and comedy, it is the comic tone which definitely dominates this film" - (from Cinekid film & television competition catalogue,1992)


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