The Making of Alex the Movie

The Making of Alex - The Movie

Author: Tessa Duder; Edited By: Penny Scown; Designed by: Julie Roil

Photographs by Gil Hanly and Ken George - 84 colour
Ashton Scholastic Ltd. - Auckland - Copyright 1993

274mm x 203mm - 46 pages softcover

ISBN 1-86943-116-2

Tessa Duder, Author of the award-winning novel 'Alex', was closely involved with the New Zealand/Australian adaptation of her book onto the big screen.

In this book the author tells of her experiences as a newcomer to the medium of film, from scripting through to viewing the 'director's cut' completed 95 minute film. she examines the whole process of scripting, producing and filming 'Alex: the Movie', and the changes that were necessary, and why.

"People saying 'the film's not as good as the book' is a pretty meaningless statement," says Tessa Duder. "Films made from books are always different, because of the demands of a completely different medium of storytelling. And, unlike writing books, many people and huge sums of money are involved in the creation of a film."

Table of Contents

Setting the Scene - March 1987 - page 1

November 1990 and February 1992 - page 2

Telling Stories - page 3

The Scripting Process & Adaptation - Page 4

April 1991 - page 5

The Synopsis - page 7

The Script - page 10

The Author Reflects - page 11

March 1992 - page 12

Pre-Production - The Key People - page 13

Meanwhile and The Author Reflects - page 16

Production - page 18

Action! - page 19

Author's Diary - page 22

Post-Production - page 41

Glossary - page 44


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