The Making of Footrot Flats

Footrot Flats - The Making of the Movie

Written by Lesley Stevens

Design by Brian Moss; Photography by Paul Roy;
Cell Photography by Bob Evens; Production Assistant -
Tim Carthew; Design Assistant - Marcel Tromp
Magpie Productions Ltd. - Copyright 1986
273mm x 203mm 114 pages softcover
ISBN 0-864640-78-1

"The thought of an animated film of Footrot Flats had crossed my mind before 1981 but I'd seen it as a series of short television spots rather than a full-length feature film. Then out of the blue two people rang in the space of a week wanting to make a Footrot Flats feature. One of them was Pat Cox. I didn't know him but he was an Irishman; he sounded very logical and he rang me on Monday morning when I'm at my best." - Murray Ball
Loaded with illustrations, this book takes you from the initial concepts , through script development, finding financing, finding the character voices and writing the music plus animation production and all the details of establishing style, storyboarding, timing, backgrounds, painting, rendering and camera work. In the end some 200 people were involved in putting together New Zealand's (with some help from Australians) first, and so far, only feature length animated movie. This book is the background story of how it was done.


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