New Zealand Feature Film Soundtrack Sample Clips

Following the composer's name, "CD" indicates that there is a soundtrack CD and "external" indicates that the sample clip is externally located.
Most downloadable clips are 2 min. to 4 minutes duration - 2 meg to 4megs - and are mp3s. Please let me know of any problems or broken links.

The first known NZ feature film to also have its own soundtrack release was the 1977 33rpm LP of Sleeping Dogs. Other titles that are on 33rpm LP and/or audio cassette, but have not yet (as of December 2011) found their way to CD are: Solo (1978), Goodbye Pork Pie (1980), Battletruck (1981), Smash Palace (1981), Strata (1984), Bridge to Nowhere (1986), Queen City Rocker (1986) and The Leading Edge (1987).

Details on these rare LPs can be found at the Soundtrack LP page.

3 Mile Limit - (Michael Murphy - Groovy Girl)

6 Days - (Lachlan Anderson, David Long)

25 April - (David Long)

50 Ways of Saying Fabulous (Peter Scholes)

Absent Without Leave (Don McGlashan & Jim Edwards) - CD

After the Waterfall (Joel Haines)

Alex (Todd Hunter) - CD

Among the Cinders (Jan Preston)

Angel At My Table, An (Don McGlashan) - CD

Angel Mine (Mark Nicholas)

Apron Strings (Mark Petrie)

Arriving Tuesday (Scott Calhoun)

Bad Blood (Richard Hartley)

Bad Taste (Michelle Scullion) - CD

Battletruck (Kevin Peek)

Beyond the Edge (David Long)

Beyond the Known World (Lukasz Buda, Samuel Scott, Conrad Wedde)

Beyond Reasonable Doubt (Dave Fraser)

Black Sheep (Victoria Kelly)

Blue Moon (Tane Upjohn-Beatson)

Bonjour Timothy (Daniel Scott)

Boogeyman (Joseph LoDuca)

Born to Dance (P-Money - New Love)

Boy (The Phoenix Foundation - Stoned Haircut)

Braindead aka: Dead Alive (Peter Dasent) - CD

Bread and Roses (John Charles arrangement)

Bridge to Nowhere (Steven McCurdy)

'Father's Arms' song from 'Broken' - Words and Music by Kane Adams - Performed by Taylor-Rose Hale.

Broken English (Murray McNabb & Murray Grindlay) - CD

Broken Hallelujah (Alastair Riddell)

Brown Boys (Mike Bloemendal)

Came A Hot Friday (Stephen McCurdy)

Carry Me Back (Tim Bridgewater & James Hall)

Catch, The (Greg Johnson)

Cave In (Andrew Mcdowall)

Changeover, The (Andrew Thomas)

Channelling Baby (Peter Dasent) external

Chicken (Michelle Scullion) - CD

Chill Factor aka: Lost Samurai (John Ross)

Chronesthesia (Conor Cameron)

Chunuk Bair (Stephen Bell-Booth)

Cinema of Unease (Don McGlashan)

Constance (John Charles & Dave Fraser)

Cousins (Warren Maxwell)

Crooked Earth (James Hall) - CD

Crush (Anthony Partos - JPS Experience)

Cupid's Prey (Bruce Lynch)

Cure, The (Daniel Sadowski)

Curry Munchers

Daffodils - (Stephanie Brown and Ken Ikner)

Dangerous Orphans - (Jonathan Crayford)

Dark Horse, The - (Dana Lund)

Dead Kids aka: Strange Behavior (Tangerine Dream)

Dead Lands, The (Don McGlashan)

Dead Room, The (Plan 9)

Dean Spanley ( Don McGlashan) - CD

Deathgasm (Joost Langeveld)

Death Warmed Up (Mark Nicholas)

Desperate Remedies - sample A (Peter Scholes) - CD

Devil Dared Me To, The (Various NZ Rockers) - CD

Devil's Rock, The (Andrea Possee)

Diagnosis Death (Plan 9)

District 9 (Clinton Shorter) - CD - external

Down by the Riverside (Jeremy Mayall) - CD

Eagle vs Shark (The Phoenix Foundation) - CD

Edwin: My Life as a Koont (Plan 9)

End of the Golden Weather, The (Stephen McCurdy)

Eternity (Michelle Scullion)

Event 16 (Agent Alvin & Warren Field)

Exposure (Bruce Lynch)

Fall Guys, The (Alon Aluf)

Fantail (Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper)

Ferryman, The (Frank Ilfman/Chris de Burgh)

Five (Spencer Powell, Andrew McMillan, Jamie Newman)

Flight of the Albatross (Jan Preston)

Footrot Flats (David Dobbyn) - CD

Footstep Man, The (Jan Preston)

For Good (Shayne Carter) - CD - external

Forgotten Silver (David Donaldson, Stephen Roche, Janet Roddick aka:Plan 9)

Fracture (Victoria Kelly)

Fresh Meat (David Donaldson, Stephen Roche, Janet Roddick aka:Plan 9) - external

Frighteners, The (Danny Elfman) - CD - external

Futile Attraction (Jonathan Kennerley)

Gary of the Pacific (Chabs & Milky)

Ghost Bride (Jed Town, Mary Takacs & sung by Rosie Riggir)

Goodbye Pork Pie (John Charles)

Good For Nothing (John Psathas)

Grampire (Jim Manzie, Pat Regan)

Grasscutter, The (Don McGlashan & Wayne Laird)

Great Maiden's Blush, The (David Donaldson, Stephen Roche, Janet Roddick aka:Plan 9)

Gupta vs Gordon (Anand & Milind Chitragupth)

Hang Time (Sam Leamy, Nick Veale, David Williams)

Heart of the Stag (Leonard Rosenman)

Heaven (Victoria Kelly)

Heavenly Creatures (Peter Dasent) - CD

Hercules - The Legendary Journeys (Joseph LoDuca & Ray Bunch) - CD - external

Her Majesty (William Ross)

Hidden (Hirini Melbourne)

Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The (Howard Shore) - CD - external

Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, The (Howard Shore) - CD - external

Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, The (Howard Shore) - CD - external

Neil Finn's 'Song of the Lonely Mountain' from 'The Hobbit' - external

Holy Roller, The (Hanan Townshend)

Home by Christmas (Jan Preston) - external

Hook, Line & Sinker (Plan 9)

Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell, The (Mario Grigorov) - external

Housebound ( Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper)

How To Meet Girls From a Distance (various artists)

Hugh and Heke (Jed Town)

Human Traces (Stephen Gallagher)

I'll Make You Happy (Michael Lawry) - CD

Illustrious Energy aka: Dreams of Home (Jan Preston)

I'm Not Harry Jenson - (Peter Hobbs)

In My Father's Den (Simon Boswell)

Insatiable Moon, The (Neville Copland) - CD - external

Iris (John Charles) - CD

Irrefutable Truth About Demons, The (Victoria Kelly & Joost Langeveld)

I Survived a Zombie Holocaust (Mike J Newport)

Jack Be Nimble (Chris Neal)

Jack Brown Genius (David Donaldson, Stephen Roche, Janet Roddick aka:Plan 9)

Jinx Sister (Brigid Ursula Bisley)

Jojo Rabbit (Michael Giacchino) - CD

Jubilee (David Donaldson, Stephen Roche, Janet Roddick aka:Plan 9)

Kid's World (Bruce Lynch, James Hall)

Killer Sofa (James Dunlop)

King Kong (James Newton Howard) - CD - external

Kingpin (Andrew Hagen & Morton Wilson)

Kiwi Flyer (Don McGlashan)

Kombi Nation (David Donaldson, Stephen Roche, Janet Roddick aka:Plan 9)

Land Has Eyes, The (Clive Cockburn & Audy Kimura)

Last Magic Show, The (Luke Fitzgerald)

Last Saint, The (Pieter T)

Last Tattoo, The (John Charles)

Leading Edge, The (Mike Farrell)

Leave All Fair (Stephen McCurdy)

Legend of Baron To'a, The (Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper)

Lincoln County Incident (Dorothy Buchanan)

Loaded (Simon Fisher Turner) - CD

Locals, The (Victoria Kelly) - CD - Opening Credits Clip

Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring (Howard Shore) - CD - external

Lord of the Rings - Return of the King (Howard Shore) - CD - external

Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers (Howard Shore) - CD - external

Lost Tribe, The (David Frazer)

Lost Valley (Bruce Lynch)

Love Birds (Plan 9)

Lovely Bones, The (Brian Eno)

Lowdown Dirty Criminals (Jonathan Crayford)

Luella Miller (Samuel Holloway)

Lunatics' Ball, The (Russel Walder & Peter Scholes)

Magik & Rose (Victoria Kelly)

Mahana (Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper, Tama Waipara)

Maori Merchant of Venice (Clive Cockburn & Hirini Melbourne) - CD

Map Reader, The (Paul Ubana Jones)

Matariki (various) - CD

Mauri (Amokura)

Meet the Feebles (Peter Dasent) - CD

Mega Time Squad (Mike J. Newport)

Memories of Tomorrow (Craig McConnell & Ayyaz Waraich)

Memory and Desire (Peter Scholes) - CD

Men Shouldn't Sing (Michael Bell) - CD

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Ryuichi Sakamoto) - CD

Mesmerized aka: Shocked (Sam Freedman with St. Joseph Maori Girls College Choir)

Middle Age Spread (Stephen McCurdy)

Mortal Engines (Tom Holkenborg)

Mosley (Alain Mayrand)

Most Fun You Can Have Dying, The (Grayson Gilmour)

Mr. Pip (Tim Finn)

Mr Wrong aka: Dark of the Night (Jonathan Crayford)

Mt. Zion (Small Axe - Tearepa Kahi, Shane McLean)

My Wedding and Other Secrets ( Andrew McDowall & Bic Runga)

Navigator, The (Davood Tabrizi) - CD

Nemesis Game (Frank Ilfman) - external

Netherwood (Tom Mcleod) - external

Never Say Die (Billy Kristian & Sam Negri)

Ngati (Paikea & Haere Mai - arranged by Dalvanius)

No. 2 aka: Naming Number Two (Don McGlashan) - CD

No One Can Hear You (Bruce Lynch)

No Petrol, No Diesel (Mike Farrell/Midge Marsden)

Nude Tuesday (Cam Ballantyne)

Off the Edge (Richard Clements & Richard DeGray)

Offensive Behaviour (Wallace Chapman & Hamish Oliver)

Old Scores (Wayne Warlow)

Once Were Warriors (Murray Grindlay & Murray McNabb) - CD - external

One Thousand Ropes (Tim Prebble)

Orator, The (Tim Prebble)

Orphans and Angels (Blind Devine)

Other Halves (Don McGlashan)

Out of the Blue (Victoria Kelly)

Ozzie (Florian Appl)

The Pa Boys (Warren Maxwell) - external

Pallet on the Floor (Jonathan Crayford & Bruno Lawrence)

Perfect Creature (Anne Dudley)

Perfect Strangers (David Donaldson, Stephen Roche, Janet Roddick aka:Plan 9) - CD

Piano, The (Michael Nyman) - CD - external

Pictures (Jan Preston)

Poi E (Dalvanius Prime)

Poppy (Plan 9 & Seb Hunter)

Pork Pie (Jonathan Crayford)

Predicament (David Donaldson, Stephen Roche, Janet Roddick aka:Plan 9)

Price of Milk, The (various Russian classical composers) - CD

Queen City Rocker (Dave McArtney)

Quiet Earth, The (John Charles) - CD

Race for the Yankee Zephyr aka: Treasure of the Yankee Zephyr (Brian May) - CD

Rain (Neil Finn) - CD

Rain of the Children (Jack Body)

The Red House (David Long)

Rest for the Wicked (David Long)

Restless aka: Hot Target (Gil Melle)

Returning, The (Clive Cockburn)

Reunion (Steven Lord, Tim Oxton)

Rewi's Last Stand (Alfred Hill)

River Queen (Karl Jenkins) - CD - external

Romeo & Juliet: A Love Song (Michael A.J. O'Neill, Peter Van Der Fluit)

Ruby & Rata (Jonathan Crayford)

Rurangi (Lachlan Anderson)

Russian Snark (David Long & Stephen Gallagher)

Savage Honeymoon (Dean Savage) - CD

Savage Islands aka: Nate & Hayes (Trevor Jones)

Saving Grace (David Donaldson, Stephen Roche, Janet Roddick aka:Plan 9)

Scarecrow (Andrew Hagen & Morton Wilson)

Scarfies aka: Crime 101 (various pop groups - clip of BIKE) - CD

Second Hand Wedding (Plan 9)

Second Time Lucky (Garry McDonald & Laurie Stone) - CD

Seekers, The aka: Land of Fury (William Alwyn)

Send a Gorilla (Peter Blake & Fiona Samuel)

Separation City (Samuel Scott & Luke Buda) - CD

Shaker Run (Stephen McCurdy)

Shopping (Grayson Gilmour)

Show of Hands (Don McGlashan) - CD

Shrimp on the Barbie, The (Peter Kaye) - 'Manana' performed by HERBS

Silent One, The (Jenny McLeod)

Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior, The (Paul Buckmaster & Steve Tyrell)

Sione's 2: Unfinished Business (Don McGlashan)

Sione's Wedding aka: Samoan Wedding (Andy Morton) - CD

Sleeping Dogs (Murray Grindlay, David Caulder, Mathew Brown)

Slow West (Title theme by 'Django Django') - CD - External

Smash Palace (Sharon O'Neill)

Snakeskin (Joost Langeveld) - CD

Soldier's Tale, A (John Charles)

Solo (Dave Fraser)

Song of Good, A (Dylan Wood)

Sons for the Return Home (Malcolm Smith)

Spooked (John Charles)
Spooked (Jonathan Crayford)
Spooked - External (Jonathan Crayford's Website)

Starlight Hotel (Andrew Hagen & Morton Wilson)

Stickmen (House of Downtown) - CD

Strata (Mike Nock)

Stray (Rhian Sheehan)

Strength of Water, The (Hirini Melbourne & Warren Maxwell)

Sunday (Simon Hughes)

Sylvia (Leonard Rosenman)

Taking the Waewae Express (David Donaldson, Stephen Roche, Janet Roddick aka:Plan 9)

Tattooist (Peter Scholes)

Terror Peak (Bruce Lynch)

Te Rua (Dalvanius)

This Giant Papier Mache Boulder is actually really Heavy (Karl Steven)

This is not a Love Story (Steve Garden)

Tongan Ninja (David Donaldson, Stephen Roche, Janet Roddick aka:Plan 9)

Topless Women Talk About Their Lives (various artists) - CD

Toy Love (Victoria Kelly & Joost Langeveld)

Tracker (David Burns)

Treasure Island Kids (Bruce Lynch, James Hall)
Violin piece from The Monster of Treasure Island

Trespasses aka: Omen of Evil (Bernie Allen)

Trial Run (Jan Preston)

Turbo Kid (Le Matos)

Two Little Boys (David Long & Chris Knox)

Ugly, The (Victoria Kelly)

Under the Mountain (Victoria Kelly) - CD - external

User Friendly (Mark Nicholas) - CD

Utu (John Charles) - CD

Vai (Lauren King)

Vector File, The (Bruce Lynch)

Vermilion (Don McGlashan)

Via Satellite (David Bergeaud)

Vigil (Jack Body)

Vintner's Luck, The (Antonio Pinto)

Waimate Conspiracy, The (Hirini Melbourne, Richard Nunns)

Waiting Place, The (Andrew McMillan)

Warrior's Way, The (Javier Navarrete)

Waru (Lauren King)

We're Here To Help ( David Long)

Weight of Elephants, The ( Kristian Eidnes Andersen)

Whale Rider (Lisa Gerrard) - CD - external

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted - (David Hirschfelder) - CD

What We Do In The Shadows - (David Donaldson, Stephen Roche, Janet Roddick aka:Plan 9)

When Love Comes (Angus McNaughton) - CD

When Night Falls (Tony Burt)

When Strangers Appear (Roger Mason)

White Lies (John Psathas) - External

Whole of the Moon (Daniel Scott)

Wild Blue (Bruce Lynch)

Wild Horses (Dave Fraser)

Woodenhead (Marc Chesterman) - CD

World's Fastest Indian, The (J. Peter Robinson) - CD - external

Zilch! (Chris Knox)

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