Bonjour Timothy

Bonjour Timothy - 1995

Tucker Films/Cinar Productions - 97 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 9418212010426

Cast: Dean O'Gorman, Sabine Karsenti, Silvia Rands, Sydney Jackson, Milan Borich, Angela Bloomfield, Richard Vette, Stephen Papps.
Screenplay: David Preston based on a story by David Parry; Director of Photography: Matt Bowkett; Editor: Jean-Marie Drot; Composer: Daniel Scott; Producers: Murray Newey, Micheline Charest; Director: Wayne Tourell.

A high Schooler, Timothy, and his family is expecting a French-Canadian male exchange student, that turns out to be an attractive girl, to which Timothy proceeds to make a fool of himself, trying to impress. When Michelle becomes ill from drinking spiked punch at a party, Timothy notices a tattoo while helping her to bed. He foolishly tells a friend about the tattoo, who proceeds to tell the whole school, which does not go down well with Michelle. Filmed at Avondale College and various Auckland locations. A light film that has some fine acting and a nice pop soundtrack.

Censor Rating: G - Review rating: B-

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Since this never sold in great vhs numbers, used copies will be hard to find and therefore will command higher prices. Expect used, in like new condition, to sell for at least $20.

As of May 2010, it is available on PAL R0 DVD selling for about $15nz, but only from New Zealand sources. It is presented in its original 1.34:1 format with 2.0 dolby stereo English soundtrack. There are no subtitles or extras. As of November 2019, this is OOP.
A DVD is also available as part of a set of 12 movies titled 'Family Movie Favorites'. This is a 3-disc NTSC Region 1 set that has two titles on each side of flipper discs. Also in the set is another NZ title, 'The Whole of the Moon'. It is presented in its original 1.34:1 format with DD 2.0 English. There are no subtitles or extras. Click on the DVD scan number,683904529541 for sources selling it for less than $10us new.

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Four Word Film Review

"Okay, we're not talking Shakespeare here; the story is fluff, but it is enjoyable fluff, executed with a light touch by director Wayne Tourell. Another stab in the heart to Sam Neill's gloomy Cinema of Unease thesis? [...] One of the strongest features of the production is its use of Kiwi music in the soundtrack. Thankfully, in contrast to many sonically hyped teen movies, songs by the likes of Dave Dobbyn, the Fan Club, and Headless Chickens are used to complement the drama, not replace it" - (Costa Botes, "Detours on road to true love", The Dominion, January 26, 1996)


New Zealand herald,, Jan.19, 1996
Sunday star-times, Jan.21, 1996
Waikato times, Jan.26, 1996


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1996 Berlin International Film Festival - Honorable Mention: Children's Film Festival

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