Broken English

Broken English - 1996

Village Roadshow/Communicado - 93 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 9397910489294

Cast: Rade Serbedzija, Sashka Vujcic; Julian Arahanga, Marton Csokas, Helen Zhao, Madeline MrNamara, Mona Ross, Yang Li, Barbara Cartwright, Elizabeth Mavric.
Writers: Jim Salter, Hohanna Pigott; Editor: David Coulson; Art Director: Michael Kane; Original Music: Murray Grindlay, Murray McNab; Producer: Robin Scholes; Director: Gregor Nicholas.

After the outbreak of war in their homeland, Mira and Ivan have brought their daughter, Nina, to a new life in a Croatian migrant enclave in suburban Auckland. Nina's relationship with her father becomes strained when she falls in love with Eddie, a Maori. In an attempt to escape the overpowering influence of her father, she marries a Chinese political refugee for money and leaves home. Her father learns of the marriage and is enraged when he discovers she is pregnant to Eddie.

Censor Rating: R 16 - Review Rating: B

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Originally available in both PAL and NTSC vhs. Used copies will run $10-15. An R4 PAL DVD version is available for about $15-20au or $20nz. It is rather basic with no extras other than optional English subtitles. It is 1.33 full frame with 2.0 Dolby. It would appear that, as of August 2017, this one is OOP. Check and for used copies.

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1996 - Verona Love Screens Film Festival - Best Feature Film
1996 -New Zealand Film Awards - Best Supporting Actress: Madeline McNamara; Best Foreign Performer: Rade Serbedzija; Best Editing; Best Soundtrack; Best Design.

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