Came A Hot Friday DVD

Came A Hot Friday - 1984

Mirage Films - 105 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 8856021032313; 9418212012260

Cast: Peter Bland, Phillip Gordon, Billy T. James, Michael Lawrence, Marshall Napier, Marise Wipani, Erna Larson, Phillip Holden, Don Selwyn, Patricia Phillips, Michael Morrisey.
Screenplay: Dean Parker, Ian Mune based upon a story by Ronald Hugh Morrieson; Cinematographer: Alun Bollinger; Editor: Ken Zemke; Production Design: Ron Highfield; Music: Stephen McCurdy; "This Time", sung by Beaver; "Work for the Money" and "Out in the Cold" sung by Prince Tui Teka; Producer: Larry Parr; Director: Ian Mune.

In 1949 Wes and his sidekick Cyril are conmen eking out a meagre living by scamming small-town bookies. They arrive in Tainui and go to work with the help of gullible local, Don. They actually make some money, more by luck than judgement, but when Wes wins a very large amount of money gambling at the villainous Sel Bishop's illicit casino, Sel manages to avoid paying up. Wes and company join forces with the bizarre "Mexican" bandit, the Tainui Kid, and set out to get Wes's money back. The second, after 'Goodbye Pork Pie', New Zealand feature to reach $1 million at the box office. Recommended.

Censor Rating: PG - Review Rating: B

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Originally available in PAL or NTSC vhs. No known source for new PAL copies. New NTSC copies sell for at least $20us.Used NTSC copies will probably be under $10us.

NOTE: Regarding dvd copies - There have been regular dvd's that originated from Thailand, but as of 26 January, 2010, when I attempted to obtain more from the Thai distributor, I was told that they were no longer available. For the record, the dvd is presented in a 1.30:1 aspect ratio and comes with optional English or Thai language tracks as well as optional English or Thai subtitles. These discs are R0 (All zones), although the box slick says it's R3. As of October 2012, copies were selling at ebay UK for about $13#.

Starting 06 July 2011, a PAL R0 with an aspect ratio of 1.76:1 became available from New Zealand sources, selling for under $20nz. The only "extra" is a dolby digital remastered 5.1 surround soundtrack option, as well as the original digital 2.0 soundtrack. This is now OOP, so sources such as ebay would be your best best, but DVD copies are now very pricey, so VHS copies are your best option.

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"Production values are first- rate, particularly the wry charm and subtlety of Alun Bollinger's photography, the original '40s style music of Stephen McCurdy, and the convincing and integrated production design of Ron Highfield [...] But the acting standout is Polynesian Billy T. James, in what is a riveting, totally original performance as The Tainuia Kid. This Zorro- with- a- difference, who emits a schizo blend of Western cowboy hero and Mexican patriot, with Monty Pythonesque overtones, is a fine creation. This kid says more about cultural cross- breeding in small countries like New Zealand than any learned academic" - (Variety, February 20, 1985)

"Only the women's roles, often a troubled area of Kiwi movies, seem a little underdeveloped [...] Came a Hot Friday is so generously populated with colourful characters, easily discernible as the good guys and the bad guys, that we're prepared to forgive it most anything. Mune has come up with a wonderful sense of camaraderie between his protagonists. We're endeared to this bunch of country- town hopefuls, who are not half as smart as they'd like to think they are, in an immensely successful film that deserves immediate attention" - (Marc Knowles, "Hot Friday's brisk spirit repairs industry's image", The Evening Post, August 24, 1985)


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1986 New Zealand Film Awards - Best Film; Best Director; Best Leading Male: Peter Bland; Best Supporting Male: Billy T. James; Best Screenplay Adaptation; Best Editing; Film Score.

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