Down by the Riverside

Down by the Riverside - 2007

Downending Films Ltd. - 81 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 9328082007443

Cast: Rebecca Trelease, Maia Wharawhara, Toby Sharpe, Ross Macleod, Lydia Farley, Alex Ness, Shelley Riddle, Jo Eggleton.
Screenplay: Marama Killen & Brad Davison; Director of Photography: Joe Hitchcock; Hair & Makeup Design: Lauren Steward; Composer & Sound Design: Jeremy Mayall; Editorial Supervisor: Mark McGeady; Technical Director: James Killen; Line Producer: Clare Lyons-Montgomery; Producers: Joe Hitchcock; Directors: Marama Killen & Brad Davison.

In the early twentieth century, several pregnant girls met in a rural birthing house, where they were sent away by their parents, to give birth and adopt away their children. Almost twenty years later, two historians research the horrific story of the girls and find that the unsolved murder mystery is far from over. It was shot in and around the Waikato town of Te Aroha, but would have been better assisted by filming around the Hawke Bay Art Deco areas of Hastings or Napier. The lack of a production manager and art director shows, along with the less than satisfactory dialogue sound and lighting results. Yes, I know that it was done on a no-profit, almost no money basis, but maybe films that cannot afford putting together essentials, shouldn't be made. The best aspect of this one is the original score.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: C-

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The R0 PAL DVDs are available from various New Zealand sources for $30nz; however it would appear that it will have a re-issue, starting 16 Sept. 2010, selling for $10nz. It is listed as 2.35:1(although my copy measured 2.26:1) with dolby digital 2.0. English only track and no subtitles. There is nothing wrong with your television - it is in glorious black and white. Extras include: an optional commentary track with Brad Davison, Joe Hitchcock and Marama Killen; a 'Behind the Riverside' featurette at 23:33min.; 'Behind the Music; for 3:46min.; 'Auditions' at 2:52min.; 'Outtakes & Offcuts' for 6:05min.; 'Funny Faces' for 2:07min.; 'Off the Set with Carblift for 5:18min. and 'This Film is not yet Rated' for 1:43min.
As of October 2018, it would seem to be OOP.

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