Exposure - 2000

Film Knights Production - 90 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 687797609892; 634991120425; 8715664004388

Cast: Ron Silver, Alexandra Paul, Susan Pari, Paul Gittins, Elizabeth Hawthorne, Timothy Balme, Kevin J. Wilson.
Screenplay: Ian Coughlan; Photography: Warwick Attwell; Editor: Brian Shaw; Music: Bruce Lynch; Production Designer: Shayne Radford; Producers: Grant Bradley, Richard Stewart; Director: David Blyth.

Photographer Gary Whitford (Silver) is caught in a web of suspicion, murder and intrigue, when he meets Elaine (Pari), and she persuades him that she would make a great model. Things turn sinister when Gary discovers Elaine's mutilated body in her apartment. He soon become Police Inspector Shoorwell's (Hawthorne) prime suspect. Gary's former girlfriend Jackie (Paul), and now the wife of Paul (Gittins), Gary's friend and business partner, joins the hunt for the killer when Paul gets killed in the same fashion as Elaine.

Censor rating: R16 - Review rating: C

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Expect to pay about $20us for a new R1 DVD copy. R0 PAL DVDs can be purchased for about $20nz. R2 discs have been seen for about 20eur. It is presented 1.83:1 with 2.0 dolby digital sound. There are no subtitles. The only extras are trailers for the New Zealand films, 'No One Can Hear You' and 'The Vector File'.There are pal and ntsc vhs copies that should be below $5us or $10nz.

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