The Fall Guys

Fall Guys, The - 2012

Certain Scenes Productions - 93 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 9341005003810

Principal Cast: Ryan O'Kane, Dane Dawson, Kyle Pryor, Paul Glover, Darryl Archer, Richard Lambeth.
Crew: Screenplay & Editor: Scott Boswell; Photography: Phillip Jackson; Production Manager: Caroline Mitchell; Original Music: Alon Aluf; 1st Assistant Director: Daniel Beeching; Art Director: Domini Calder; Makeup: Idette Braan, Glenys John, Kate Caughlin; Wardrobe: Anita James; Visual Effects: Marco Los; Producer: Rhys Cain; Director: Scott Boswell.

While out on a bachelor's party, three mid-twenties college buddies come across a crime scene and three cases of premium grade heroin. Their stories are interwoven and told in flashback as they are interviewed by Narcotics Detective Mark Harrison and his officers. Each interrogation unknowingly pushes them deeper and deeper into a world they clearly know nothing about. Shot, on a very low budget, in Howick, Botany and Pakuranga by the same producer and director of Tyrannical Love. Unfortunately another very low budget NZ feature that does not deserve any nitpicking by me, but it does come up short.

Censor Rating: R - Review Rating: C

The Fall Guys
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A PAL R4 DVD is available from various New Zealand and Australian resellers for about $20nz. It is presented 1.78:1 DD2.0 with a spoken English soundtrack but no subtitles. There is no chapter option in the menu, but there are 19 segments accessible when fast forwarding. Extras include Interviews(8:24), out-takes(9:52), "The Making of" featurette(10:57), ten deleted scenes(13:53) and five trailers.

Mighty Ape of Auckland - Recommended NZ Reseller


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