Five - 2007

Unkreative Artists Ltd. - 77 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 9421016370818

Cast: Richard Thompson, Anita Crisinel, Marjan Gorgani, Andy Sophocleous, Amit Tripuraneni, Tahi Mapp-Borren.
Screenplay: D.F. Mamea, Anita Crisinel; Director of Photography: Lance Wordsworth, Benji Dalton; Sound Design: Benji Dalton; Original Score: Andrew McMillan, Jamie Newman, Spencer Powell; Editing: Amit Tripuraneni; Art Direction: Michael Williams; Associate Producer: M. Krishnaveni; Producer: Amit Tripuraneni; Director: Amit Tripuraneni.

Five friends go out for one last hiking trip before their lives separate them from each other. However a secret resurfaces that results in a grim ending for one of the group. The ending of this story is not the point so much as the experiences while getting there. For those who have seen this director's first film, 'Memories of Tomorrow', I can assure you that this, his second feature, has a better script plus, technically, it's nicer to look at, as well as having a more agreeable soundtrack. I am pleased to recommend this low budget digital feature.

Censor Rating: R13 - Review rating: C+

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An R4 PAL version DVD is available in New Zealand. It is presented 1.80:1 with dolby digital stereo sound. There are no extras or subtitles.

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