Kiwi Flyer

Kiwi Flyer aka: Derby Dogs - 2012

Kiwi Flyer Productions - 86 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9312590154829; 814838012957; 4260264431583; 9312590156533; 9312590156533
Blu-ray UPC/EAN # 4260264431576(DE)

Cast: Edward Hall, Tikirau Hathaway, Vince Martin, Tandi Wright, Dai Henwood, Myer Van Gosliga, Doug Colling, Brittany Dick.
Screenplay: Andrew Gunn and Tony Simpson; Director of Photography: David Paul; Make-up & Hair Supervisor: Jean Hewitt; Composer: Don McGlashan; Production Coordinator: Angela da Silva; Editor: Paul Maxwell; Costume Design: Jill Alexander; Production Design: Ken Turner; Post Production Supervisor: Grant Baker; Line Producer: Maile Daugherty; Art Department Coordinator: Kim Turner; Producer: Tim Sanders; Director: Tony Simpson.

Twelve-year-old Ben plans to build the race winning Kiwi Flyer for this years trolley derby. But Ben's dream is shattered when his father is killed in a car accident returning home with the newly built trolley frame. However, a cocky class-mate and his thuggish boy-racer older brother, will stop at nothing to retain the trophy. Ben becomes more determined than ever to enter the race and win; if only he can convince mum (Tandi Wright) and his teacher (Dai Henwood) to let him. Filmed in sunny Nelson.

Censor Rating: G - Review rating: B-

Kiwi Flyer
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As of 28 November 2012, this title is available on an R4 PAL dvd, which can be purchased from New Zealand sources for about $20nz. The dvd is presented 1.80:1, enhanced for 16:9. The soundtrack options are either a DD 5.1 or DTS 5.1 English language track. There are no subtitles. Extras include: Trailer(2 min.); Cast and Crew "Interviews"(24 minutes); A short 'Nelson - Home of Kiwi Flyer (6 min.); B-roll Outtakes (13 min.); a still image gallery.
As of 22 January, 2013, there is an R1 ntsc version available from North American resellers, under the title of 'Derby Dogs', selling for about $20us. The only R1 extras are optional English subtitles.

Aro Video of Wellington has rental copies available for New Zealand addresses

Dealoz North American DVD Comparison Site

An R0 DVD and an All Regions Blu-ray were released in German speaking territories starting 21 February 2014 under the name of Derby Dogs aka: Ein Rennen Um Die Ehre, selling for about 12eur. The DVD format and specs are about the same as the previous R4, except that the soundtrack is DD 2.0 English or Deutsch.
The Blu-ray is 1080/24p with DTS-HD Master 5.1 spoken Deutsch and English language tracks. There are optional German subtitles. There are no extras except for four unrelated trailers of German children's movies. German Search Portal


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