Gary of the Pacific

Gary of the Pacific - 2017

Field Theory Media/Filmwork Ltd. - 83 min.

DVD UPC/EAN #9398700043948(AU); 9398700044037(NZ)

Principal Cast: Josh Thomson, Megan Stevenson, Matt Whelan, Taofi Mose-Tuiloma, Dominic Ona-Ariki, David Fane, Olivia Tennet
Crew: Screenplay: Jarrod Holt, Ryan Hutchings, Nigel McCulloch; Director of Photography: Dave Garbett; Editor: The downlow concept; Production Designer: George Hamilton; Costume Designer: Sarah Aldridge; Makeup Designer: Anna de Witt; Art Direction: Gareth Edwards; Original Music: Chabs and Milky ; Producer: Fiona Copeland; Director: Jarrod Holt, Ryan Hutchings, Nigel McCulloch.

Struggling real-estate agent, Gary, wants to be a success. He's got a flash car, a fancy watch, now all he needs is the hot wife. But his girlfriend, Chloe, isn't keen. When Gary is called back to his homeland of Tusalava, he's handed a great opportunity, the chance to take his dying father's crown and become Chief of the island. With a treasury and tropical paradise to his name, Gary might be able to give Chloe the wedding she wants, and finally attain the complete success he's always yearned for, even if it is at the expense of his people. Filmed in Auckland and the Cook Islands.

Censor Rating: M - Review Rating: C-

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Starting 21 June 2017, a PAL R4 DVD can be purchased from Australian and New Zealand sources for about $30au or $35nz. It is presented in a 2.35:1 format, 16x9 enhanced, with both a DD 5.1(feature) and DD 2.0(extras) English language tracks. There is an English subtitle option for the feature. Extras: 'Behind the Scenes' - Fight Scene 1:09, Josh reasons 1:23, Working in the Heat 1:43, Working with Josh 2:17, Hovercraft Ad 0:56; 'Interviews' - Dafefane (Dad) 3:35, Josh (Gary) 7:30, Matt (Nelson) 4:21, DLC (McCulloch, Hutchings, Holt) 6:57, Dominic (Kitiona) 4:36, Megan (Chloe) 4:13, Taofi (Lani) 4:38; Real Estate Ad 1:27, Behind the Scenes of the Real Estate Ad - "How to Make" in three parts 5:24.

As of 02 June 2017, no confirmed releases in other markets.

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