Heart of the Stag DVD

Heart of the Stag - 1984

Southern Light Pictures - 90 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 029502039967

Cast: Bruno Lawrence, Terence Cooper, Mary Regan
Screenplay: Neil Illingworth; Story: Michael Firth; Photography: James Bartle; Editor: Michael Horton; Production Designer: Gary Hansen; Music: Leonard Rosenman; Producers: Don Reynolds and Michael Firth; Director: Michael Firth.

An affluent rancher (Cooper) has two favourite pastimes: hunting stags and, since his wife has suffered a crippling stroke, having sex with his daughter (Regan), now an adult. One night an itinerant handyman (Lawrence) disturbs a session when he knocks on their door after his utility truck has a breakdown. Short of men, the rancher takes him on to help muster and shear the sheep. The newcomer is attracted to the daughter, but she is aloof. Gradually he fathoms what is going on and tensions build between him and the rancher to a showdown.

Censor Rating: M -- Review Rating: C+

Heart of the Stag
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A new R0 NTSC DVD, from New Star Video/Jef Films, can be purchased from various North American sources for $15-20us. This is rather bare-bones, but does have scene access and cast profiles. It is a remastered digital 1.33:1 DVD-5 with 2.0 dolby digital stereo. There are no subtitles. Apparently New Star Video is in Canada and Jef Films is in the U.S. As of 25 September, 2007, another dvd distributor (Televista) was added. The price range would seem to be the same. As of May 2014, it would seem that this dvd is OOP.
No confirmed sources for new copies in either NTSC or PAL VHS, although Amazon lists an NTSC VHS for $16us. Expect to pay, at least, $8us for used VHS.

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Aro Video of Wellington has rental copies available for any NZ address

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"The fact that Heart of the Stag works as well as it does is almost entirely due to the performances of its two leads. Bruno Lawrence is very strong as the rough-at-the-edges but basically tender loner who finds himself drawn to the vulnerable, manifestly unhappy Cathy, who's beautifully played by Mary Regan. Magnificent North Island locations form a backdrop to this intense tale which, with a little more development and incident, might have worked even better. As is, it doesn't quite pull together the various elements to make for a totally satisfactory drama..." - (Variety, May 15, 1984)


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