The Last Saint

Last Saint, The - 2014

The Reservoir - 108 min.

DVD UPC/EAN #4260336460978(DE); 5060238031721(UK)
Blu-ray UPC/EAN #4260336460985(DE)

Principal Cast: Beulah Koale, Calvin Tuteao, Joseph Naufahu, Xavier Horan, Joy Vaele, Colin Moy, Sophia Huybens, Jared Turner.
Principal Crew: Screenplay: Rene Naufahu; Director of Photography: Grant McKinnon; Editor: Eric De Beus; Original Music: OJ Raj, Thomas Rose; Production Designer: Brant Fraser; Costume Design: Kylie Cooke; Makeup Designer: Natasha Lees; Art Direction: Sam Evans; Producers: Matthew Horrocks, Charlotte Larsen; Director: Rene Naufahu.

Minka is a teenage Polynesian boy living in the heart of Auckland. With his P-addicted mother well on the way to going completely off the rails, three people enter his life - each with a promise - each with the power to destroy. Through his father, a gangster and strip club owner, Minka comes into contact with the sociopathic drug dealer Pinball, for which he begins to run drugs, while developing a relationship with Zoey. Soon he has to decide whether he is a gangster or the last saint in a world of drugs, sex and violence. There is a real need for subtitles, largely due to segments of very loud music. Otherwise the video and audio technical quality is quite good. The ending is ridiculous, but maybe it's just me.

Censor Rating: R - Review Rating: C+

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Starting 27 November 2015, a PAL R2 DVD (16eur) and a Region B 1080p Blu-ray (18eur) can be purchased from German sources. The format is 2.35:1 (optimized for 16:9). The DVD soundtrack offers both German and English DD 5.1 options. The Blu-ray soundtrack also offers both German and English DTS-HD-MA 5.1 options. There are no subtitles. The only extra is a spoken German 'The Last Saint' trailer. There is an option labeled "Trailer" which contains 10 unrelated German trailers.
Starting 01 February 2016, a PAL R2 version became available from UK sources, selling for about 16# - The format is 2.35:1 with English DD 5.1 and DD 2.0 soundtrack options. There are no subtitles or extras. worldwide

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A Soundtrack CD has been reported to be forthcoming, but as of 04 February 2016 there are no confirmed details.

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