My Wedding and Other Secrets

My Wedding and Other Secrets - 2011

South Pacific Pictures Ltd. - 85 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9338683111203

Cast: Michelle Ang, Matt Whelan, Cheng Pei Pei, Kenneth Tsang, Katlyn Wong, Melanie Chu, Simon London, Josh Thompson
Screenwriters: Roseanne Liang, Angeline Loo; Director of Photography: Richard Harling; Original Music: Andrew McDowall, Bic Runga; Editing: Eric de Beus; Production Designer: Gary Mackay; Costume Designer: Sarah Voon; Make-up Designer: Dannelle Satherley; Producers: Paul Davis, John Barnett;
Director: Rosanne Liang

This is a romantic comedy involving a Chinese New Zealand woman, Emily, and a non-Chinese New Zealand man, James. Unfortunately the young woman's parents are rather traditional and want their daughter to become a doctor and marry a Chinese boy. Given that Emily wants to be "the next Spielberg" and has fallen in love with James, she decides that they must keep their relationship and forthcoming marriage a secret. Of course events develop that force Emily to finally tell her parents and to everyones surprise, her father reveals that he already knew, but he will give the marriage his blessing if James learns Chinese - to which he agrees. However, her mother is not so agreeable and James is getting more than frustrated. Emily finds that she must come to terms with the fact that to give love fully, she has to be true to herself and everyone she holds dear. Recommended.

Censor Rating: PG - Review rating: B-

My Wedding and other Secrets
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PAL R0 copies can be purchased from New Zealand resellers for about $35nz. It's format is 1.77:1 with a dolby digital 5.1 soundtrack. It has optional chinese subtitles. Extras include: an optional audio commentary track with the director and lead actors (2.0 soundtrack); Trailer(2 min); a featurette, "Behind the Scenes" (18:28 min.); an 11 min. short film, 'Take 3' and about 3 minutes of bloopers. NOTE: There are no dvd chapters.

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2011 - AFTA - Michelle Ang for Best Lead Actress in a Feature Film;
2011 - AFTA - Roseanne Liang and Angeline Loo for Best Screenplay for a Feature Film
2011 - 34th Asian American International Film Festival - Audience Choice Award
2011 - Friars Club Comedy Film Festival - Audience Choice Award

2012 - New York Film and Television Awards - Bronze Medal for a Feature
2012 - New York Film and Television Awards - Finalist Certificates for Matt Whelan's performance and Rosanne Liang's direction.

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