Portrait of a Knight

Portrait of a Knight - 2018

Riddell Productions - 73 min.

Principal Cast: Hannah Gaisford, Phillip Collins, Emanuel E. Garcia, Jordan Rivers, Victoria Seymour, A.J. Murtagh, Jutta Giggenbach, Brodie MacGregor, Stacey Duncan.
Writers: Michelle Kan, Michael Riddell, Stephen Riddell; Director of Photography: Andre Oudard; Original Music: Michael Riddell; Editors: Michael Riddell, Stephen Riddell; Production Design: Persephone Samuels; Costume Design: Shannon Anderson; Makeup & Hair Stylist: Lucy-Belle Willcox; Digital Effects: Tim Hamilton, Clinton Phillips, David Filoialili; Producers: Michael Riddell, Stephen Riddell; Kight painter: Jutta Giggenbach; Directors: Michael Riddell, Stephen Riddell.

Rachel is a young archivist living and working in Wellington. Feeling alone and disconnected from life, she projects her romantic fantasies onto the paintings she loves, until one day her song brings Reginald - a Knight of the Realm - to life. His carefree innocence and zest for life begin to open Rachel up to the beauty around her, but the fates have a way of making trouble when miracles occur.

Censor Rating: NR - Review rating: B-

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Wellington brothers' quintessentially Kiwi film about a time-travelling knight.

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