Quiet Night In

Quiet Night In - 2006

Burning Rope Productions - 88 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9421016370689

Cast: Nicolette Kenny, Richard Lambeth, Lucy Gay, Brian McKay, Kittichon Helviphat, Brian Moore.
Screenplay: Christopher Banks; Director of Photography: Neil Morrison; Script Consultant: Gillian Ashurst; Music: Frank Smile; Art Direction: Richard J Lambert; Executive Producers: Dean Spooner, Sel Rainbow, Maureen Rainbow, Les C. Hill; Director and Editor: Christopher Banks.

Would-be novelist Jess Bartlett stages a "quiet night in" to finish her new book, fuelled by glasses of wine and her favourite board game, "Cluedo". Then all manner of odd friends and acquaintances show up with only one thing in common - they pay 'Cluedo'. As Jess moves her pieces into place, her life unravels as she becomes "trapped" in her house with a troubled footballer, a manic TV advice show host and a randy old author. This campy "B" movie will not be to everyone's taste, especially given its sexual humour. Check out the trailer to help you decide.

Censor Rating: R16 - Review rating: C -

Quiet Night In
Official MP4 Trailer


An R4 PAL dvd is available from New Zealand and Australian sources for $20-30. There are no known R2 or R1 versions. It is presented 1.66:1 2.0 Stereo English. There are no subtitles. There is an optional commentary track with Christopher Banks and Brian Moore and a 2:46 min. extra, 'Hear to Help' (From "The Caring Channel) plus a 1:33 min. trailer.

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No known soundtrack CD of this title.

The beginning and ending music is Mozart's Bassoon Concerto in B flat Andante Ma Adagio.

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