Red, White & Brass

Red, White & Brass - 2023

Piki & Miss Conception Films - 85 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9322225249028(AU/NZ)

Principal Cast: John-Paul Foliaki, Dimitrius Schuster, Michael Falesiyu, Onetoto Ikavuka, Lupeti Finau, Ilaisaane Green, Lotima Pome'e, Haanz Fa'avae-Jackson, Suzy Cato
Screenplay: Damon Fepulea'i, Halaifonua Finau; Cinematography: Andrew McGeorge; Editors: Ben Powdrell, Paul Maxwell; Sound Design: Julia Huberman; Music: Three Houses Down; Set Decoration: Lili Lovell-Wood; Make-up Design: Catherine Maguire; Costume Design: Daisy Chiara Marcuzzi; Production Design: Emily Mafile'O; Producers: Georgina Conder, Morgan Waru, Halaifonua Finau; Director: Damon Fepuea'l.

When Maka and Veni Fail in getting tickets for the most important game of their lives, theey decide to form a traditional Tongan marching band, just so they can go to the game. No one in their band of misfits knows anything about marching. It is a complete shambles and if they can't get their act together, they will embarrass their entire Tongan community in front of the world. Inspired by a true story.

Censor Rating: PG - Review Rating: B

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A Region 4 DVD became available from Australian and New Zealand sources, starting 10 August 2023. It's format is 2.35:1 with DD 5.1 or DD 2.1 spoken English soundtrack and selling for about $30. There are optional English subtitles. Extras include: Behind the Scenes: Vinnie's House (00:54), Stadium (2:31), Music Class (1:41), Hall (2:33), Backyard (1:17); Interviews: John Paul Foliaki (1:26), Demitrius Schuster-Koloarnatangi (3:22), Damon fepulea'i (5:19); Trailers.

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