Via Satellite

Via Satellite - 1998

Satellite Films - 90 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9397910488297

Cast: Danielle Cormack, Timothy Balme, Rima Te Wiata, Karl Urban, Jodie Dorday, Donna Akersten, Brian Sergent.
Screenplay: Anthony McCarten, Greg McGee; Photography: Simon Riera; Editor: John Gilbert; Music: David Bergeaud; Production Designer: Clive Memmott; Producer: Philippa Campbell; Director: Anthony McCarten.

The Dunn family is caught up the the excitement of 20 year old Carol about to possibly win an Olympic medal and the television crew is coming to their home to record their reaction.. However, Carol's drop-out twin, Chrissy, refuses to be part of the broadcast until the matter of her parentage is cleared up. A riot of recrimination and revelation erupts during the build-up to the broadcast time. A rather good comedy for first feature film director McCarten.

Censor rating: M - Review rating: B-

Via Satellite
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New R4 PAL DVD copies are available from Australian sources for about $16au and New Zealand for $20nz. No known NTSC copies. The dvd is presented 1.33:1 with 2.0 dolby digital sound with optional English subtitles. No extras.

A 2011 "bare-bones" PAL R0 version became available from New Zealand resellers for under $15nz.

Aro Video of Wellington has rental copies for any New Zealand address


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"...Via Satellite is an effervescent, deftly paced and hilarious gem which will, if there is any justice, take its place alongside Geoff Murphy's marvellous road riot, Goodby Pork Pie, among our best indigenous comedies [...] McCarten, an unobtrusive and unpossessive director, has the benefit of a uniformly wonderful cast" - (Peter Calder, "A Star is born", Weekend Herald, October 10-11, 1998)

"A fine ensemble of eccentric Kiwi characters - not caricatures - makes this tale of trans- global fraternal rivalry and miscommunication a hilarious ad touching delight that treats suburban Kiwiana with considerable respect [...] Via Satellite comes as a breath of fresh air to audiences starved for local product. Without pretension to high art or pandering to a particular demographic, Via Satellite is proof that we can tell stories that are as funny, moving and as well- crafted as anything Hollywood or Britain can muster, and we can do it on a shoestring" - (Matthew Grainger, "Via Satellite proves we can match Hollywood's humour", The Dominion, October 16, 1998)


Listener, v.165no.3046(Sept.26 1998)
New Zealand herald, Oct.10, 1998
Sunday star-times, Oct.18, 1998


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1999 New Zealand Television and Film Awards: John Gilbert - Best Editing; Jodie Dorday - Best Supporting Actress

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