Second Time Lucky DVD

Second Time Lucky - 1984

Eadenrock - 101 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 096009079390; 096009255992; 5050232707685

Cast: Diane Franklin, Roger Wilson, Jon Gadsby, Robert Helpmann, Robert Morley.
Crew: Screenplay: Screenplay: Ross Dimsey, Howard Grigsby; Photography: John McLean; Editor: Tony Paterson; Composer: Garry McDonald and Laurie Stone; Producer: Anthony I. Ginnane; Director: Michael Anderson.

From the Garden of Eden (near Thames) to modern times, the Devil, God and a luckless angel influence a pair of lovers. This is a silly, somewhat campy film that is hard to find mainly due to it popularity in some circles: both leads are nude in some scenes, but don't expect much beyond that fact. Women's breasts appear in abundance, but no male genitalia is to be seen.

Censor Rating: PG - Review Rating: C-

Second Time Lucky
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New R1 DVDs are available from North American sources for $6-10us. An R0 Pal version is available from the UK for about 6#. The film is presented 1.33:1 with 2.0 stereo sound in English or, in the case of the R1, Spanish. The R1 version also has a five question trivia game about the film. The R0 version has a group of stills. There are no subtitles.
No known sources for new VHS copies in either PAL or NTSC. Used NTSC VHS copies are available for under $5us.

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A Retrospective Tribute to Diane Franklin & Second Time Lucky

"That Second Time Lucky is lavishly produced and competently directed makes it worthy of some analysis of its intended appeal and efforts made to make it succeed, even if the critical bottom line is that it is a superfluous addition to the year's releases. The story is based on a concept as old as the cinema, if not humanity: a wager, a battle of wits, between God and the Devil for the souls and allegiance of mankind" - (Mark Spratt, Cinema Papers, December 1984)

Jon Gadsby's dim-witted angel is the only thing to remember from this awesomely awful production. Pitched to the tastes of smutty American teenagers. Onew would not know that (most of) it was films in New Zealand, unless one were told. (Nicholas Reid - 'A Decade of New Zealand Film').

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