A Soldier's Tale DVD

Soldier's Tale, A - 1991

Mirage/Atlantic Entertainment - 96min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 014381903324; 9418212012253

Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Marianne Basler, Judge Reinhold, Paul Wyett.
Crew: Screenplay: Grant Hindin Miller, Larry Parr (based upon M.K. Joseph's story of the same name); Photography: Alun Bollinger; Editor Michael Horton; Music: John Charles; Producer and director: Larry Parr.

On a weekend leave from the French trenches of World War II, Saul encounters Belle, a beautiful young woman accused of being a traitor to the French Resistance. Against her will, Saul barricades himself in her home in an attempt to hold off her would-be executioners - and the two are slowly drawn into a passionate affair. But their liaison is further complicated by the sudden appearance of an American GI, with his own plans for Belle. The film was to be a co-production, but the French pulled out. This combined with bankruptcy of a contracted U.S. distributor, forced this to fully be a New Zealand production.

Censor Rating: PG - Review Rating: C

A Soldier's Tale
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"Aptly enough, A Soldier's Tale is a storyteller's film, where narrative and characterisation take precedence over pretensions and special effects. Best of all is Alun Bollinger's cinematography. It captures the splendour of the French countryside and jarringly juxtaposes it with the grim life- and- death scenarios being played out within it" - (Phil Wakefield, "Grand start of film fest",The Evening Post, February 19, 1991)


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1992 - New Zealand Film Awards - Best Actress: Marianne Basler; Best Soundtrack.

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