A Song of Good

Song of Good, A - 2008

Robber's Dog Films - 82 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9312590150869

Cast: Gareth Reeves, Ian Mune, Danielle Cormack, Matthew Sunderland, Jarod Rawiti, Darien Takle.
Screenplay: Gregory King; Director of Photography: Virgina Loane; Sound Design & Music Composition: Dylan Wood; Editing: Jonathan Venz; Production Designer: Ashley Turner; Producer: Mark Foster;
Director: Gregory King

During a desperate burglary to pay for drugs, Gary Cradle is confronted by a middle-aged woman. Cornered and scared he overpowers and rapes her. Disgusted by this senseless assault, he flees home to where he lives with his retired father. After locking himself away in his bedroom, Gary decides to turn his life around, get clean and do some good. Standing in his way is a simmering drug and alcohol problem, low self-esteem and a very motley peer group. There is some dark humour and an interesting soundtrack, but overall I cannot find much to recommend here.

Censor Rating: R16 - Review rating: C

A Song of Good
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It is presented 1.76:1 anamorphic 16:9 with either 5.1 dolby digital or 5.1 dts sound. There are no subtitles. In addition to a still image gallery and the theatrical trailer, extras include a short film by Gregory King 'Junk' - 11:05 and a series of video comments by the director and three short clips: Casting - 6:07; Rehearsal Process - 2:03; Ethnic Issues - :58; Suburban Culture - :57; Sound Design - 1:27; Ambitions for the Film - 1:04; 'The Graveyard' - :50; 'Whatever Man' - 1:08; 'Balaclava' - 2:51. It can be purchased from NZ and AU sources for about $20.

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2008 - New Zealand Film Awards - Mark Foster & Gregory King for Best Film Under $1 Million
2008 - New Zealand Film Awards - Virginia Loane for Best Technical Contribution on a film under $1 Million.

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