Taking the Waewae Express

Taking the Waewae Express - 2008

Torchlight Films - 93 min.

Cast: Matariki Whatarau, Isaac Heron, Jess Aalton, Evan Hussey, Tamati Pere, Jacob Renwick-Faauga, Rangimoana Taylor, Susanne Svanberg, Chong Sin Lim.
Screenplay: Andrea Bosshard; Director of Photography: Deane Cronin; Original Music: Plan 9; Editing: Shane Loader; Producer: Andrea Bosshard; Director: Andrea Bosshard, Shane Loader

This is a story of youthful carelessness that leads of a death and the blame, bitterness, love and forgiveness that follows. This low budget first feature by the filmmakers contains unexpected quality, although shows rough edges. Only a couple of actors have any serious experience, so when some engaging performances was demonstrated, I was glad that I gave its slow, somewhat clumsy beginning a pass. Production values are higher than one usually experiences in low budget firsts and a plus is original music by Plan 9. Well worth a view.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: C+

Taking the Waewae Express
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