This Is Not A Love Story

This Is Not A Love Story - 2003

Loose Unit Productions - 80 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 942101637030; 9318500017031

Cast: Sarah Smuts-Kennedy, Stephen Lovatt, Peta Rutter, Beryl Te Wiata, Steilios Yiakmis, Peter Elliott. Screenplay: Keith Hill; Director of Photography: Phil Burchell; Music: Steve Garden; Editing: Keith Hill; Costume Design: Fiona Nichols; Production Design: Cath Enchmarch; Producer: Andrew Calder, Keith Hill; Director: Keith Hill.

In an inner city loft Belinda(Smuts-Kennedy) lives her dream of being a writer. Across the street is Suzanne (Rutter), a painter who has the success Belinda craves. Suzanne lives with Tony (Lovatt), an actor frustrated by his dead-end role in a soap, who is looking for a way out. Soon Belinda is caught up in a love triangle - which is just the experience she needs to inspire her first novel. This is about sex and love, success and failure, creativity and careers.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: C+

This is not a Love Story
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The DVD is an R0 PAL 1.80 widescreen and in dolby 5.1 English. The DVD also includes extras of a commentary by Keith Hill and Sarah Smuts-Kennedy; a 'Behind the Scenes' 22 min.featurette; and two other featurettes - 'Developing The Script'(27 min.) and "Making A Low Budget Feature" (20 min.). Also included are three short films by Keith Hill: 'The Good Neighbour'(12 min.), 'Blue Kisses' (4 min.), 'The Story Of An Uneasy Man' (12 min.). There are no subtitles. It is available from NZ sources for about $20nz or Australia for $12au.

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2002 - 'Dances With Films' festival - Best Screenplay.

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