Memories of Tomorrow

Memories of Tomorrow - 2005

Unkreative Artists and Memorable Productions - 86 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9318500021205; 750723134529

Cast: Richard Thompson, Rachel Gilchrist, Ray Trickitt, Rebecca Mallitte, Tim Schijff, Elena Trajkovska.
Screenplay: Amit Tripuraneni; Director of Photography: Lance Wordsworth; Makeup Supervisor: Shannon McKean; Music: Craig McConnell, Ayyaz Waraich; Editing: Benji Dalton; Art Direction: Grace Tye Wood ; Production Manager: Michelle Leaity; Producers: Amit Tripuraneni, Lance Wordsworth; Director: Amit Tripuraneni.

A man with a lost memory, whose past his wife will not reveal, but a stranger's arrival starts the gradual awakening of memory to everyones regret. A fairly interesting, if not totally unique, espionage intrigue. A better than average first feature, done on a very low digital budget. I can't give it high marks, as I find myself unable to have any connection or sympathy for the lead characters - I find it hard to care about the flawed love life of a couple of contract killers.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: C

Memories of Tomorrow
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The R1 NTSC disc, is presented 1.70:1 with 2.0 stereo sound, but without extras nor subtitles and selling at about $8us. An R4 PAL version is available in New Zealand for about $20nz and Australia for $10-15au. The R4 is presented 1.85:1, 16:9 enhanced, with 2.0 dolby digital sound. It has extras of a behind the scenes featurette and a trailer.

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