Topless Women Talk About Their Lives DVD

Topless Women Talk About Their Lives - 1997

John Swimmer Ltd. - 88 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 5050582084849

Cast: Danielle Cormack, Joel Tobeck, Ian Hughes, Willa O'Neill, Shimpal Lelisi, Andrew Binns.
Writer: Harry Sinclair; Production Coordinator: Juliette Veber; Director of Photography: Dale McCready; Editor: Cushla Dillon; Special Effects: Jason Docherty; Music: Various Flying Nun artists; Producers: Fiona Copland, Harry Sinclair; Director: Harry Sinclair.

A budding, if a bit loony, young screenwriter Ant, is told, by his women friends, that his latest effort is worthless, and is tossed onto the beach at Piha. It is picked up by a visiting German who takes it back to a German screenwriter, and it becomes 'Topless Women Talk About Their Lives'. Liz is pregnant, but she has split up with the father whom she doesn't love (and vice versa) and is now with cute but vapid Geoff. This is a film with characters mostly in their late twenties, zany and fumbling - mostly when it comes to sex. The ending will have you wondering if the plot is turning dark, but I will only say that it doesn't. Recommended.

Censor Rating: R16 - Review rating: B-

Topless Women Talk About Their Lives
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New PAL VHS copies are available from Aro Video for $40nz. Used NTSC VHS copies can occationally be seen at ebay for under $10us. Used R2 PAL DVDs can be found for about 6eur. Expect new DVDs to be under 6# or at least 8eur. The film is presented 1.33:1 with 2.0 dolby digital sound. There is a German language (default) track as well as the original English track. Subtitles are offered in: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Dutch and Turkisch. Additional extras include: a 12 minute short, 'The Lounge Bar', in English with German subtitles; a 12 minute interview with the director; 4 trailers - Topless + 3 other German language films; text bios of 7 actors plus major crew members.

August 2011 - A remastered collector's edition 2-disc PAL R0 DVD set is now available from New Zealand sources. The 1.77:1 feature contains an optional commentary track from film maker Harry Sinclair, with actors Danielle Cormack, Ian Hughes, Shimpal Lelisi and Joel Tobeck. There are english subtitles over a couple of scenes where German or Niuean is being spoken but no subtitles over the majority of the movie which is in English. There is a second disc that contains the complete 41 episode TV series as well as "Ant's German film".

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"There was no grand plan or important message that needed to be imparted so I don't think it's a big film, it's supposed to be small, small but hopefully perfectly formed, well I don't know... It's about relationships and at its core it's about love - certainly that's - I hope so, and Danielle Cormack who just happened to be pregnant at the time and very, very generously agreed to make that pregnancy part of the story which was an incredible gift to the film and really gives the film its heart" - (Harry Sinclair interviewed by Jonathan Dennis, Film Show, National Radio,6 July, 1997)

"Writer / Director Harry Sinclair has nailed the 20-something experience in this shoestring production, shot all over Auckland and in Niue. Incredibly, each day's script was written the night before it was shot, lending every scene an immediacy one rarely finds on the big screen. The hand held camera seems to be spying on real lives, not filming actors practising their craft [...] No, Topless Women is not perfect. Geoff's repeated promises to remain faithful quickly wear thin, and the ending seems a bit contrived. But this flick is an absolute must- see, destined to become a New Zealand classic" - (Veronica McLaughlin, Real Groove, August 1997)


Listener, v.161no.2985(July 19 1997)
Waikato times, Sept.6, 1997


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1997 - Thessaloniki Film Festival - Special Mention.
1997 - New Zealand Film Awards - Best Film; Director; Best Actor: Joel Tobeck; Supporting Actor: Andrew Binns; Best Actress; Danielle Cormack; Supporting Actress: Willa O'Neill; Screenplay, Editing.
1998 - Fantasporto - Audience Jury Award.

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