Toy Love

Toy Love - 2002

John Swimmer Productions - 86 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9415600111383

Cast: Dean O'Gorman, Kate Elliott, Marissa Stott, Michael Lawrence.
Writer: Harry Sinclair; Production Design: Deirdre McKessar; Director of Photography: Grant McKinnon; Editor: Margot Francis; Original Music: Victoria Kelly, Joost Langeveld; Sound Designer: Tim Prebble; Producers: Fiona Copland, Juliette Veber; Director: Harry Sinclair.

Ben (O'Gorman) has sex with anybody, as long as it's not his girlfriend. Emily (Stott) wants to be faithful, but can't say no to her mechanic. Chlo (Elliott) only sleeps with unavailable men. Everybody is happy sleeping around until Ben stupidly falls in love. A comedy from the director of 'Topless Women Talk' and 'Price of Milk' with characters that are easy to dislike. However, worth a view. Excellent production values.

Censor Rating: R 16 - Review rating: C +

Toy Love
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New PAL R4 DVD copies are available from NZ sources for $20nz. Currently no source for NTSC copies. It is presented 1.78:1 ( although the dvd slick says it is 4:3) with 2.0 dolby digital sound in English. No subtitles. No extras. As of February 2015 it would seem that this one is OOP, therefore check for it at ebay or Amazon. As of June 2016, Aro Video says they have used copies.

Aro Video of Wellington has rental copies available for New Zealand addresses

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Listener, v.188no.3287(May 10 2003), p.63
New Zealand herald, May 17, 2003, p.E6
Sunday star-times. Sunday, May 11, 2003, p.25


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