We're Here To Help

We're Here To Help - 2007

South Pacific Pictures - 83 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9317731059483

Cast: Erik Thomson, Mirama Smith, Michael Hurst, Jason Hoyte, John Leigh, Stephen Papps, Geoff Clendon.
Screenplay: Jonothan Cullinane - based on the book 'Be Very Afraid' by Dave Henderson; Director of Photography: John Cavill; Original Music: David Long; Editing: David Coulson; Hair & Makeup: Deb Watson; Production Designer: Rob Gillies; Producers: John Barnett, Paul Davis; Director: Jonothan Cullinane.

A Kafkaesque docu-drama of an actual case involving a Christchurch small businessman and the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department. Most people can relate to running up against a bureaucrat (especially the tax man), who knows he can cause you trouble if you say something he doesn't like and then proceeds to use his power to hurt you. In this case, the businessman, Dave Henderson refuses to give in and, for the most part, kept his sense of humour. Did he win? Without giving it all away, I will only say that the building that houses the Christchurch head office of the IRD has been renamed 'Henderson House'. I also want to say that the Opening Title footage by Firehorse Films is one of the best I have seen in a New Zealand film. Recommended.

Censor Rating: PG - Review rating: B-

We're here to Help
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The R4 PAL DVD is presented 1.77:1 with 5.1 dolby digital English soundtrack. There is an optional commentary track by Jonothan Cullinane and Dave Henderson. Other extras include a trailer (2:20), bloopers (3:09), a "Behind The Scenes" featurette (17:00) and a still photo gallery. There are no subtitles.

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