When Love Comes DVD

When Love Comes - aka: When Love Comes Along - 1998

M.F. Films - 90 min.
DVD UPC/EAN # 014381076028; 5038275100090

Cast: Rena Owen, Dean O'Gorman, Simon Prast, Nancy Brunning, Sophia Hawthorne, Simon Westaway.
Writers: Garth Maxwell, Rex Pilgrim, Peter Wells; Director of Photography: Darryl Ward; Editor: Cushla Dillon; Music Director: Angus McNaughton; Producers:Michele Fantl, Jonathan Dowling; Director: Garth Maxwell.

The basic story involves a once revered female singer (Rena Owen) who is trying to find a way to continue with her life with love and professional satisfaction, and a male prostitute, (Dean O'Gorman) who has never really cared about much of anything, brought together, in Auckland, by acquaintance, and find passion, but also pain. Will they discover a new life - when love comes? I found this film to be less than it was meant to be. Some good performances, but short of the mark. It was an official selection of the Toronto and Sundance festivals.

Censor Rating: R16 - Review rating: C+

When Loves Comes
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PAL R4 DVD are 1.33:1 with dolby digital 2.0 audio. There are no extras on the R1 or R4 versions. The R2 version has the trailer. There are no subtitles. New NTSC VHS tapes are available under $10us. New R1 NTSC DVDs are available from various North American sources about $8-10us. R2 PAL DVDs can be purchased for 20#.

Special Notice November 2010 - The movie DVD has been re-released, in New Zealand, as a 2-disc set. One disc is the feature on a PAL R0 dvd and the second disc is a CD of the soundtrack. The set is selling for $10-20nz, but only from New Zealand resellers.

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