When Night Falls

When Night Falls - 2008

Galvinized Films - 79 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 653496123229

Cast: Tania Nolan, Rosella Hart, Kevin Keys, Sylvia Rands, Gerald Bryan.
Screenplay: Alex Galvin; Director of Photography: Matthew Sharp; Original Music: Tony Burt; Editing: Patrick Canam; Production Designer: Robert Flynn; Art Director: Liza Jones; Producers: Alex Galvin, James Partridge; Director: Alex Galvin

In the 1930's two nurses are caring for a invalid at his isolated country house. The groundsman is forced to drive to town to get a new oxygen cylinder and won't be back until the next morning. Since a killer has been in the area, both nurses make sure that all doors and windows are locked and secure. However, as the night progresses, strange things begin to happen. A rather well done, low budget production that exhibits surprisingly good production values and a better than average soundtrack. Recommended in its genre.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: B-

When Night Falls
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The dvd is and R0 pal presented 1.77:1 with 2.0 sound. There are no subtitles. Although there are image galleries of production stills and behind-the-scenes shots, the major extra is an optional director's commentary track that provides much insight into production and what has to be done to make a decent film with a very low budget. Aro video in Wellington is selling the dvd for about $30nz. An R1 ntsc version was released in North America January 2010 and sells for about $20us.

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