Wild Blue video

Wild Blue - 1999

Daybreak Pictures - 93 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 9317206005625

Cast: Judge Reinhold, Nicola Murphy, Morgan Hubbard Palmer, Bernard Moody.
Writer: Dale G. Bradley; Production Design: Nick Bassett; Directors of Photography: Neil Cervin; Editor: Douglas Braddock; Music: Bruce Lynch; Executive Producer: L. Grant Bradley; Director: Dale G. Bradley.

Hannah has returned to her parents central Otago home, after a twelve year absence, when she left over an unresolvable dispute with her mother. Her mother has died and her father (Bill) has a progressive illness, but most of all, she is trying to re-connect with the son ( Jonathan) she left behind. Her father is a flier who is teaching her son to fly a restored Tiger Moth. She is drawn to an American pilot (Ray) has been hired as a top-dresser, but Ray has his own problems, left behind in the states, he is trying to forget. In other words - everyone has problems here, but nothing is monumental. This is an "easy" picture with many great scenic aerials, but not a heavy-duty drama. Many wonderful central Otago and Queenstown settings including that Tiger Moth biplane. Pre-teens and seniors will love this movie - that large group in the middle will pan it. Actually, I enjoyed it and can recommend it, but don't expect an award winner.

Censor Rating: G - Review rating: B-

Wild Blue
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VHS PAL copies might be located from NZ sources for about $20nz. No known source for NTSC copies. There is an R0 dvd pal version available from Australia. It is presented 1.33:1 with dolby digital 2.0 sound. There are no extras or subtitles. You may be able to find one through ebay, but be sure to check the worldwide option for location, since the seller will probably be in Australia.

New Zealanders can rent the VHS of this title from Aro Video in Wellington. They will post to any NZ location.


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New Zealand Herald, Oct.21, 2000
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