Woodenhead - 2004

Pictures For Anna - 90 min.

DVD UPC/EAN # 887090012003; 689721427763

Cast: Nicholas Butler, Teresa Peters, Tony Bishop, Warwick Broadhead, Matthew Sunderland, Henry Lee, David Hornblow, Jaqueline Wilson. Voices by: Mardi Potter, Steve Abel, Margaret-Mary Hollins, Lutz Halbdubner. Screenplay: Florian Habicht; Director of Photography: Christopher Pryor; Composer: Marc Chesterman; Editing: Florian Habicht, Christopher Pryor; Costume Design: Georgie Hill; Production Design: Prue Cunningham; Producer: Florian Habicht; Director: Florian Habicht.

Where to start. This film would rate an A for originality. For example, the soundtrack was recorded first, and the visuals were shot to match (although it doesn't quite accomplish its goal at all times). It is clearly a fantasy - a fairy-tale of characters, with four of them having their spoken lines given by someone other than the actors on the screen. A small carnival, traveling the New Zealand landscape that presents images that force the words: crazed, surreal, Fellinist, unsettling, inventive, thrilling, ethereal, lustful. Although put together with an absurdly small budget, if you want an original film experience - see this film. Recommended.

Censor Rating: M - Review rating: B-

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The DVD is a PAL R0 with a black & white 1.75:1 letterbox presentation with English dolby digital stereo, which can be purchased from various NZ sources for about $30nz. Extras include: Making of Woodenhead documentary; Horoscopes with Lutz; "Liebestraume" Short Film; Trip to Thailand with Killer Ray; Original Demo Songs and Sound Recordings; Circus acts; Trailer; Music video for "Hospice for Destitute Lovers" (by Steve Abel); Stills and artwork by Teresa Peters; and a Director's commentary track. There are no subtitles.
An R1 NTSC dvd was released 20 March, 2007, selling for $25-30us. It has the same extras as the NZ version, but the package also contains a CD of the soundtrack (Go to the cd link below for soundtrack details).

Aro Video of Wellington has rental copies for any New Zealand address

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As of July 2019, the Olive Films store has NTSC R1 copies for $21.99us + shipping



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