The Locals CD cover

Locals, The - 2003

Festival Mushrooms Records - 337402 - 33 min.
UPC # 9397603374029

Original Music: Victoria Kelly; Music Direction: Greg Page; Music Supervision/Clearances: Dylan Pellett;
Mastered at Auckland Audio. Artwork by Kelvin Soh.


As of June 2008, no known reliable source for new copies. Last sold for about $30nz. A worldwide option ebay search is worth a try, but the used disc bins in New Zealand music stores is your best bet.

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"This is a collection of my favourite NZ bands. Bands who I felt worked well with the characters and whose songs would help drive the film along at the pace it deserved. As a director, I have made music videos for eight of the eleven artists featured on this album. The other three bands are all my friends from Hamilton on whom some of the film's characters are very loosely based. These songs, combined with the amazing orchestral score composed by Victoria Kelly and the dark sound design by Tim Prebble and Dave Whitehead make The Locals leap off the screen and leave you with a lasting impression." - Greg Page - August 2003

2003 New Zealand Film Awards - Best contribution to a soundtrack - Awarded to: Tim Prebble, Dave Whitehead, Gethin Greagh

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01. The Datsuns - Lady - 3:00
02. Elemeno P - Christmas - 2:35
03. Betchadupa - Supa Day - 3:59
04. Inspector Moog - Milk Biscuit Boy - 2:11
05. Stellar - We Go Out - 2:49
06. Rumpus Room - Head Down - 2:45
07. PanAm - Use Someone - 3:03
08. The D4 - Party - 2:39
09. 8 Foot Sativa - Believer - 3:39
10. Mobile Stud Unit - Gunna Bash - 2:04
11. Blindspott - Nil By Mouth - 3:36


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